Class Descriptions

JKDU/MMA For The Street:

The primary purpose of this class is to provide the highest quality of functional self defense.   Train for self defense the same way combat athletes train for their sport.

  • This class includes:
    • Self Defense Scenario training
    • Stand up – Kickboxing
    • Clinch – Stand up grappling and takedowns
    • Ground – With grounded with strikes, submission, sweeps, and reversals
    • Weaponry – Armed Combat and Empty-Hand vs A Weapon

Battlefield Kali:

This class includes tactics and training methods that make weaponry techniques work in real world applications.  All classes feature isolated and free sparring to ensure fighting proficiency. The class is split into 4 modules taught in each class:

  • Battlefield Kali Stick:
    • This program uses the rattan stick to demonstrate ever aspect of non-lethal baton combat.  This program include baton vs baton, empty hand vs baton, and multiple attackers
  • Battlefield Kali Knife:
    • This program will prepare students for real world knife encounters.  The program include knife vs knife, empty hand versus the knife, and multiple attackers
  • Battlefield Kali Sword:
    • This program is designed for all skill levels to develop real and effective sword fighting skills.  This program includes everything a student will need to become a highly proficient sword fighter.
  • Silat For The Street:
    • Unarmed combat using the techniques of the brutal art of Silat combined with the tactics and methods of Elite MMA training

BJJ For The Street: 

This class offers top level BJJ training both with and without the gi, but also adds strikes to all targets, weapons, and adds tactics for no rules street self defense. All classes include isolated positional and free sparring (rolling).

  • Gi – Grappling in the traditional kimono to provide unique grips and technique.
  • No Gi – Submission wrestling in your everyday workout attire.

JKDU Kids Class:

Based on our MMA FTS and BJJ FTS programs, our kids class provides a friendly, safe atmosphere to learn practical self defense.  Your kids will learn to set goals, be self disciplined, and to develop healthy habits and have fun doing it!

Muay Thai:

The deadly art of 8 limbs.  This class focuses on three main components: Performance games (light sparring), Technical Precision (techniques and sustained combinations), and power generation (pad work).  Muay Thai focuses on stand up striking and grappling otherwise referred to as kickboxing and clinch ranges.  You can expect a great conditioning work out as well as technical focus in this highly effective art.